Avoid Some Mistakes Designing The Interior Of This Small House

The interior design of a house should be made with full planning so that the design can run well and in accordance with your wishes. then, it will be necessary for the construction / Interior design is right for what you need can be done well. The good interior design will demand great planning and focus as well then, make sure that your home design interior is the design you want.

Unfortunately, there are some mistakes usually done by someone who has a small house to interior design their homes. Some of the errors in question are

– Do not have a clear concept
The thoughtful concept is one of the most important things before decorating the house, especially in the little house decor. Before doing many things on home decor, it would be better to first measure the size of the room and allocate it for proper functioning. Bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, workspace and all existing rooms should be diseased with the required area.

– Ignoring the sun
Never to obstruct sunlight on small home decor. This is not too hot or too dark. You can install a thin curtain on your window. do not let your little home decor has minimal and little lighting. You can also place a mirror on a room so that the room can look more spacious and spacious. This is the best way to get around the small room.

– Error on wall color
Often many people think that white color can make the house feel more spacious. In fact, to make small house to be roomy it doesnt need to be boring. You can even apply wallpaper options on your home wall. but, make sure the wallpaper does not clash color with the interior of your house.

– Mistakes on furniture selection
Placing lots of small-size items is a common mistake often made by small homeowners. Though this way will only make the house feels crowded. You can place a big closet if you have a house with a high roof. With one cupboard you can even store a lot of stuff there. This will actually make your small house feel wider than it should be. Do not forget also to choose multifunctional furniture in your home decoration. for example, ka, u can choose a TV rack that has many slots to accommodate the living room accessories, magazines, even the vase of flowers. Furniture can make you have a large home space as well.

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