Design Your Home Interior With The Right Wallpaper

If you feel bored with your innocent house wall and with that same color, then you can use the room wallpaper that uses a lot of motifs and textures. then, by using the wallpaper you can get different Construction / Interior design for all the rooms in your house.

However, to note in using wallpaper wallpaper is to choose it. There are many colors and motifs that you can choose for wall wallpaper. You just need to choose the right one and according to your wish and the theme of the house that you will use. There are some guidelines you can do to get the wallpaper home to your liking, like

1. Adjust wallpaper wall of the house with the character of the occupants
There are several things that affect the selection of wallpaper and wallpaper pattern of the house in accordance with the character of the residents. Like for example the living room decor that reflects the personality. For example, the favorite color or color of luck. For shared space such as dining room and family room, we recommend using wallpaper neutral color wall to be enjoyed together.

2. Colorful wallpapers
If you have a house with a narrow size, then you can create the effect of the illusion of a wider room by using brightly colored wallpaper such as white, yellow, or blue. But still avoid wallpaper that has a motive too crowded because it will lead to a full and crowded impression.

3. Wall Wallpaper for spacious house
Houses with a large size will usually be able to use wallpaper with any color. For you who lazy to arrange the interior of the house and room, then you can choose wallpaper wall with the dark color like brown, dark blue, or purple. Thus, the room does not look empty and more comfortable and warm to occupy. The motif you can use is the abstract motif or even the right panoramic image with the room.

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